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Module 4

ECHO Code of Conduct

The ECHO Online Hackathon's Code of Conduct
is a set of rules that aims to guarantee a safe
 and pleasant experience for all ideathon participants.


(Online) meetings are challenging, also in terms of human interactions. That is why we created a specific code of conduct for the ECHO hackathons/ideathons. 



Facilitators and participants should be considerate and professional. Always remember that insults and harassment are not tolerated. 
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Do not tolerate offensive behaviour

Facilitators should not make or allow jokes, sharing of images or other offensive behaviour that is racist, sexist or exclusionary. Period.  

Identify offensive behaviour

If you observe offensive behaviour of any kind, point it out and identify it as such during the group meeting. Also state clearly that you will not allow this kind of behaviour.

Follow-up on offensive behaviour

If offensive behaviour happens, plan a follow-up meeting with the participant and notify the organisor.


Basic values of ideathons are sharing, inclusiveness, partnership and engagement in the ECHO cybersecurity community.
Participants should have a welcoming approach towards each other. 
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Foster diversity

Understand that there are many different ideas, not one perfect idea. Foster this diversity as facilitator by being open minded to all ideas, how weird they may seem to you.

Ask open questions

The best way to engage with participants during group sessions is by asking open questions. Try to understand, not judge an idea.

Encourage creativity

As a facilitator you should encourage 'out-of-the-box thinking'. The aim of hackathons/ideathons is to beyond the usual pathways and identify new market needs or solutions.


Facilitators are in charge of ensuring that the discussions groups are experienced by all participants as a safe space to share ideas.
Key to this is to respect the participants privay. 
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Limit recordings

Think carefully whether you really need an audio recording, screenshots or else of the meeting. The need to record should be proportionate to the goal you want to archieve with the recording.

Previous consent

Do not share video or audio recordings, screenshots, messages or any kind of material regarding the participants without their prior written consent.

Meeting etiquette

Explain and respect the ECHO hackathon/ideathon meeting etiquette at the start of the ideathon. 
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Camera off (online event)

All attendees must turn their camera OFF.

Microphone muted (online event)

If not speaking, all attendees should turn their microphones muted.

Raised hands function (online events)

To ask for the floor, the participants should use the MS Teams "hand raise function".

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